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11th November 2012

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GGWP Fall Line Launched! Pre-Orders now available!

Hey guys so I know it has been a long time coming but the Fall line is finally here. This is our biggest launch to date and we are super excited about it. Sorry it took a little longer than anticipated but I think and hope you will think that the wait has been worth it.

First and foremost every shirt that is OOS currently is getting reprinted. All sizes will be in stock in about a week for every shirt that isn’t new. I know our logo shirt especially has been in high demand so I am hoping this time around everyone who has been waiting will be able to get all the designs they want!

Next thing is from here on out every shirt that doesn’t have anything on the back will now get a GGWP logo on the back. We were asked time and time again why we didn’t have anything on the back to tell people where the shirt was from and we wanted to give those who are admiring your shirts the chance to see where you got it. It will be the same color as the primary color in the design and will be the same size as the logo on the Infinity Seven jerseys roughly 2” x 2.5”

So our new first shirt continuing on from our support shirt highlights another lane position in the MOBA genre. We feel every lane deserves their own shirt so right along the supports we have the carries. We all know the best thing to do as a carry is stay farmed and to carry the team hard. I really did and didn’t want to do this shirt for the fact this concept is beaten to death but it just works so well.


Next we have a shirt for the Starcraft folks. We heard the Protoss players out there who wanted their own version of the Generals shirt. So again we have a comic book themed Starcraft battle with the players highlighted in the bottom.

Generals Pt. 2

Next we have the shirt I have wanted to make since the beginning. Mind your manner our tagline hasn’t seen to much of the light of day minus our web banner but now we have a shirt dedicated to being an awesome person who doesn’t have to rage out or talk trash to every person they meet online. Taking the dignified approach to gaming we hope you can wear this design in pride being one of those who always types out ggwp at the end of your games.

Mind Your Manner:

Lastly we have finally printed a hoodie! We are super excited to bring our first non-tee product into the fold and hope you guys are as excited as we are. These will be printed on American Apparel pull over hoodies which I can assure you are as soft as the tees are if not softer. These are in a short supply as we are testing the waters so grab them quick if you want one from the first batch because they will sell out fast!

(Note string color may or may not be white. Also there will be a GGWP logo printed above the cuff on the white wrist)

Lastly we have a limited edition coloring of our standard logo tee. We wanted to give everyone something special to those who are anticipating this launch. There will only be 40 of these ever printed and will never come in this color combination ever again. So if you want one again pick it up fast because there will only be one run of this color ever.

Limited Edition GGWP:

All of the new shirts will be expecting shipping the last week of November. So please understand that these are pre-orders and you will not get your shirt until the expected shipping time.

So whats next for GGWP? We are going to be redesigning the site from the ground up. We are also going to make this blog much more active with news, reviews and stuff we think is cool. We are also going to be pursuing more partnerships with teams, barcrafts and events. We have already given out a lot to barcrafts and events but want to do more. Also we will now switch our release schedule from seasonal launches to a new shirt every 2 months or so. We feel this will be able to give you guys more and be more relevant to the times and seasons.

We hope that you guys are as excited as we are for this line. I want to thank every single person who has bought a shirt, helped spread the word and is a fan of GGWP Apparel. If you haven’t already please follow us on our social media here on tumblr, facebook and twitter. 


Shop: http://ggwpapparel.bigcartel.com

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ggwpapparel

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ggwpapparel

Also we are giving away 5 free tees all you have to do is RT this https://twitter.com/GGWPapparel/status/267757987119104000 or share the story on our FB thanks guys! Winners will be picked at random on 11/15/12 and will get their tees shipped if in stock immediately after or will get their preorder tee as soon as they come in. Not valid for the Hoodie or Infinity Seven Jersey.

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